Friday, December 16, 2005

Text Based Tables in Blogspot

OK, I'm getting really pissed off. It seems like making text tables SHOULD be very easy. I do it at by using a monospaced font in notepad, and pasting that into my post, between two "code" tags. The html equivelant is the "pre" tag, which keeps all the spaces in order, but the "br" tag puts an ugly double spacing between each row.

EDIT: Dan Fox helped me out. I had to set the font size manually but it looks pretty good now. Let's look at those 06 ZiPS projections again, adding AB estimates:

Miller C 375 0.248 0.318 0.384
Fielder 1B 550 0.268 0.352 0.482
Weeks 2B 550 0.252 0.350 0.434
Hardy SS 550 0.253 0.329 0.403
Hall 3B 500 0.279 0.325 0.453
Lee LF 600 0.277 0.336 0.481
Clark CF 600 0.291 0.364 0.414
Jenkins RF 500 0.281 0.356 0.490
Branyan 3B 200 0.251 0.347 0.499
Hart OF/1B 250 0.261 0.324 0.450
Moeller C 250 0.217 0.274 0.345
Cirillo 3b 200 0.233 0.318 0.342
Cruz lf 200 0.258 0.342 0.457

I was going to use this to estimate total team runs scored, but it's stupid not to relate total team PA to their OBP. Another day...


Blogger Jacob WI said...

Hey Russ, i did a similar thing yesterday. :)

I haven't posted anything yet, but i took the brewers ZiPS projections for the 12 hitters i thought would contribute the most, used last year's team AB totals, ZiPS projected OBP and SLG to figure out Runs Created.

Here's what I got.

AB = 5448
OBP = .264
SLG = .442
RC = 794!

794 runs! with last year's RA, that's a pythagorean WPCT of .543 or 88 wins.

It's going to be a good year.

I say follow up with this study and we can compare notes.

2:43 PM  
Blogger rluzinski said...

It just seems "wrong" not to relate team ABs to OBP, since they are directly related. Still, using last year's Ab total probably wouldn't be a bad estimate.

88 wins sounds good to me!

11:08 AM  

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