Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ben Sheets is Own Worst Enemy?

A comment from my "Run Support" post suggested that Ben Sheets has (atleast partly) himself to blame for the poor run support he's had during his career as a Brewer. I am very skepticle of that for two reasons:

1. Almost no pitcher can hit worth a lick

2. A starting pitcher is going to account for less than 1/9th of the total offense anyway.

Let's look at how many runs below average Sheets has been in his career, offensively. I'll use the very rough "basic runs created" equation:


NL P, 05 -- 288 .150 .164 .190 .354 9.0
Sheets 142 288 .083 .129 .087 .216 3.3
Diff: 5.7

So, over the course of Sheets' 149 career starts, he's been somewhere around 6 runs below average. Even if you doubled that estimate, it's pretty insignificant. The average pitcher just plain stinks offensively.


Blogger Jacob WI said...

hey russ,

it's skeptical not skepticle, and neat study (though my comment about sheets being his own worst enemy was meant as a joke).

2:20 PM  

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