Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hardball Times Annual Leaderboards - Part 1

The Hardball Times Baseball Annual has some unique categories in their leaderboards and I thought I'd go over some of the Brewers that showed up. Here are the categories and the NL rankings for the Brewer representatives.

C. Lee 454(4th)
Function of playing every game and having a low OBP

G. Jenkins 19(1st, tied)
Jenkins was hit 12 times in 2004 but he certainly out did himself last year. As long as he doesn't get hurt, keep on plunking!

BA on Balls in Play
Jenkins .352 (3rd)
Does Geoff always have a high BABIP? Let's take a look:


1998 0.266
1999 0.351
2000 0.353
2001 0.331
2002 0.283
2003 0.342
2004 0.311
2005 0.352
Total 0.329

He beat his career BABIP by 23 points and Jeff at Brew Crew Ball doesn't think he can keep up those gains. But as was pointed out in this THIS thread at, Jenkins' BIP% was also lower, suggesting he was simply being more selective at the plate in 2005. Personally, I think he can keep it up.

G. Jenkins 26.7% (1st)
When Jenkins made contact in 2005, he crushed the ball over 1/4th of the time. Since line drives result in a hit 79% of the time, this is a great sign, indeed. Perhaps being more selective DID allow him to make better contact!

GB/FB Ratio
L. Overbay 1.88 (6th)
I wouldn't have guessed that Overbay would show up on that list. Why a plodder like Overbay would increase his GB/FB ratio isn't the Brewers' problem anymore.

Infield Fly Per Flyball
G. Jenkins 0.07 (7th lowest)
Since infield flies result in outs almost every time, it's good to keep this as low as possible. Jenkins sure is showing up alot.

Extra Base Hits
C. Lee 73 (8th)
Lee's endurance and raw power allowed him to show up on this list in 2005.

Sacrifice Flies
C. Lee 11 (1st)
As every Brewer fan knows, Lee was an RBI machine in 2005. The fact that 10% of his RBI's were a result of a sacrifice fly is certainly testiment to that.

Pitchers to come!


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