Sunday, March 12, 2006

Miller Park Open House and Changes

I attended the "Select-a-Seat" Miller Park open house today and it was a good time. We got our free Carlos Lee bobblehead doll (I already had one but owell) and then checked out the information table. They had all the season ticket info there, and the gentleman maning the table would answer whatever questions you had. They also had complementary hot dogs, soda, chips, etc...

The whole park was open to the the public so we had fun just looking around at the changes that have been or are being made. First, LED display boards now ring the entire third level:

I have no idea why they weren't on but my father had seen them earlier and said they looked pretty neat. The one change I don't like at all is the LED display that was added to the left field wall:

Seems distracting to have on the actual field. It wasn't enough to have them ring the whole park?

The most intersting change was the addition of a new picnic area just behind the right field wall. Groups can look through the chain link right field wall to watch the action. As you can see, they have a long way to go before it's finished:

We even snuck a peak inside:

They had the whole thing covered in a tarp, but I found a small tear:

I'm a little skepticle of watching the game at field height from the outfield. i can't imagine you'll be able to see the action very well. Still, it will be interesting to see Jenkins from 2 inches away as he crashes into the wall :)

One other gimmick allows picnic area fans to see the visitor bullpen through a window:

You think the drunk fans will mess with the opponent pitchers? Naaaaaaaa.

You can find the rest of the pictures I took HERE.


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