Monday, February 27, 2006

WOAH SOLVDD Audio Show - Feb.

The February edition of the WOAH SOLVDD Audio Show is out. There's a nice interview with Brewer's catching prospect Angel Salome, among other goodies.

As for my contribution, I talk some about Ben Sheets, comparing his BB rate, HR rate, K rate and FIP to all other active pitchers with atleast 200 innings pitched. Here's how he did:

Sheets, Among the 344 Active Pitcher's With 200+ IP

Sheets Ave Rank
K/9: 7.6 6.7 88th
BB/9: 2.00 3.23 9th
HR/9: 1.07 1.01 194th
FIP: 0.61 1.15 36th

I'll have a post dedictaed to Sheets soon.


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