Monday, March 06, 2006

Brewers' Statistical Analyst Predicts 88 Wins

Melvin was on "The Show" on XM's MLB station today. Mevin relayed the Brewers' in-house statistical analyst's projections for the NL central. He predicts that the Cardinals and Houston won't do as well this year, although the Cardinals will still win the division. The Brewers will finish in 2nd place with 88 wins and most of the rest of the Central will finish around .500.

If the Crew wins 88 games, they'll most likely be in contention for at least the wildcard deep into the season. I don't think 88 wins would be enough for a post season birth but it could make for a very interesting September.

2.5 million in total attendance would be a piece of cake if that prediction comes true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you are right. 88 wins would be fun to watch.

Fantastic blog, by the way.

8:19 AM  
Blogger rluzinski said...

Thanks for reading...

6:27 PM  

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