Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Enjoy the Moment

NL Central Standings

And yes, I enjoy seeing the Cubs and Cardinals at the bottom almost as much as I do seeing the Brewers on top.

It's also worth noting that Baseball Prospectus's PECOTA version of their Postseason Odds Report puts the Brewers' odds of making the playoffs at 56% (that doesn't consider last night's win). I use the PECOTA version because it considers both the performance of the team so far and the perceived talent of the club before the season started (based on their PECOTA projections). Being only 20 games in, it would be silly to expect the current team stats of a club to closely mirror the actual talent yet. Since BP projects the Brewers to win 85 games this year, it doesn't drag their playoff odds down very much. In contrast, even if the Royals were 13-7 right now, they wouldn't have very good odds to make the playoffs since they were projected to lose 96 games.

If only it were September...


Blogger bensheetsraindelay said...

And if it were September, you and I and every other Brewer fan would be pleased and probably amazed by Bill Hall's center field defense. You are right to assume he will improve. He is gonna be great as in superb center fielder. He has improved so much in 21 games. I am drunk and will get drunker on this Brewers off day to celebrate a deserving great beginning to 2007, but then again I will get drunk in mid August and get even drunker even if we are 20 games out of third place because there is always a chance that Cory Hart will hit 3 home runs tomorrow night. Man, he seems ready to bust out in a power way, real soon.

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