Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is Suppan a "Winner"?

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Runs allowed + run support = win/loss record.

There's nothing magical about it. Unfortunately, there's little chance of the Brewers matching the run support Suppan received while with St. Louis. Suppan will still be a very valuable pitcher if he can keep his ERA around 4.0 but you won't see him flirting with 20 wins as a Brewer any time soon.


Blogger bensheetsraindelay said...

Regarding Suppan...I don't think anyone is expecting him to win 20 games. In fairness to him, he does have a career record just barely over .500 and that includes a few seasons with some pretty lousy Kansas City Teams. It sort of counter balances the fashionable argument that he benefited from playing in St. Louis and their superior defense. He is reliable which is exactly what we got him for. He will cause fans to bite their nails and shake their head, but he will keep us in the game.
Speaking of which, I am steaming . What the heck was Yost thinking when he called a double steal/hit and run with Suppan batting? And why didn't he call for a pinch hitter? It was already the 6th inning? I'm growing tired of Yost's cute little executions at all the wrong times. Suppan and the Brewers got lucky on two separate occasions Monday night..avoiding double plays with Suppan batting. Also, Hall has to be benched tomorrow after that bone head base running mistake. That is pee wee league stuff. Some players play 20 years and never make that mistake.......When I wake up tomorrow morning, I hope Bob Brenly is the new Brewers manager and Tony Gwynn is penciled in for center field least for one game..send a message to the team that you gotta wake up!

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