Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jenkins Plays Too Deep?

Anyone who's watched Jenkins play defense knows that he plays very deep in the outfield. I've finally found statistical proof of that, however. The Fielding Bible lists hit charts, indicating where hits fell for vairous teams. As indicated in this HBT article, one chart ranks teams with the most hits in front of the fight fielder. Wouldn't you know that Milwuakee ranks 5th, where Jenkins played the majority of innings at RF last year. Here's the complete table:
Front of RF:

Team Most

CHC 140
OAK 138
TOR 135
WAS 130
MIL 126
SFG 126

It's no wonder Jenkins always seems to be diving at balls in front of him! He must really be uncomfortable with going back on a fly ball.

EDIT: I have been corrected. The above list refers to the number of hits the Brewers' offense had in front of the right fielder, not yielded. Ironically, as a lefty, Jenkins probably contributed nicely to that total. I promise to sharpen my reading comprehension skills in the near future.


Anonymous southwest brewer said...

If it's easy to look there another stat that says how many balls went over the RF's head? Is Jenkins saving bases, on average, compared to those who played shallow?

How many years did that chart look at? I could understand Jenkins playing deeper last year because of the injury and maybe it was much harder for him to go back rather than charge up, from a comfort/pain standpoint.

Hope you don't mind my comments. Even though it may seem like I'm arguing with you, I do learn quite a bit about baseball stats from you. And I don't know how in the hell you find all this stuff. It's usually pretty interesting, but I would never be able to find it.

2:26 PM  
Blogger rluzinski said...

The "Fielding Bible" might have it but I sure don't. That stat was based on only last season. I think Jenkins has always played deep, which is why he seems to be making dives going foward all the time.

I appreciate the comments. It keep me honest and I hope to see more discussion here in the future.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Bob Walz said...

Hi Russ,

Just had a chance to look at that HBT article amd if I'm not mistaken those are hits BY the Crew, not against.

Not sure if the other stats would yield the same results, but it is interesting to say the least. I wonder if the team management charts these things as closely as members of the internet do.

6:29 AM  
Blogger rluzinski said...

Thank you for that correction. Reading that article again, it's quite obvious that I had it completely backwards. Opps!

8:17 AM  

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