Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Little Run Support Goes a Long Way

Qualified NL Pitchers, 2007

NL Qualified Starters

A starting pitcher's record is largely a function of the runs he gives up (whether through the fault of him or his defense) and the runs his offense scores for him.

Why was I looking at this? Sheet's victory last night pushed his record to 8-3 and I wanted to see how much his run support as helped. In a word, lots. While the Brewers offense has average 4.6 runs per game this year, Sheets has averaged 5.25 runs of support so far. Combine that with his current 3.19 ERA and you get a pitcher with an outside shot at his first 20 win year. I don't think he'll do it (the run support probably won't hold up) but as a Sheets' fan, it's nice to enjoy a little help from the offense once in awhile.


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