Thursday, June 07, 2007

9 Game Road Trip Probabilities

The Brewers have a nine game road trip against the Rangers, Tigers and Twins coming up and I thought I'd take a peak at their chances. I used Baseball Prospectus's "Third-Order Wins" as an estimate of each team's true talent. For instance, BP calculates that based on the Brewers raw stats and strength of schedule, they "should" have a 30.7 - 29.3 record. While 60 games isn't enough of a sample to get a very accurate gauge of a team's talent (not to mention, personnel and ability isn't static), it's a decent ballpark guess.

Here are the results:

9 Game Road Trip Probabilities

Looks like the Brewers have a decent shot of a winning road trip. Brewer fans everywhere could sure use that.


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