Friday, May 26, 2006

Hit Tracker is Neat

Ever watch a moon shot slam against the back wall of Miller Park and wonder how far it would have gone? Well, now you can know. A new website called Hit Tracker calculates what it calls the true and standard distances for all home runs in the majors. “True distance” is simply how far the ball would have traveled unimpeded. “Standard distance” also makes adjustments for wind and atmospheric conditions, allowing for more fair distance comparisons. posted an article about the website here:

Some interesting Brewer-related facts:

  • The shortest HR of the year has been Lane’s cheapy against Wise on April 17th. It traveled a “standard distance’ of only 297 ft. I remember watching that HR and thinking with disgust how easy it is to hit home runs to left field at Minute Maid Park. Seeing this certainly doesn’t change my mind.

  • Prince Fielder has insane power. He currently has the two longest “true distance” home runs for the Brewers this year. One would have traveled 473 ft and the other 462 ft. The 473 ft shot was the 3rd longest in the majors so far. Both were just monster shots.

  • Carlos Lee has the 4th hardest hit home run of the year. His laser beam the other day had a calculated speed of 124.5 MPH off the bat.

It’s updated nightly so check it out often.


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