Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Series Win Probabilities - MIL @ CHI

I'm slacking. Game 1 of the series is already completed. The good news is that the Brewers won 6-0, making the probability of winning at least 1 game 100%! As a result, these probabilities are for the remaining 3 games of the series. For instance, where it says "win 2", refers finishing the series 2-1 for a total series record of 3-1? Clear as mud? Good! Here you go:

Tonight's game looks to be the toughest, with Zach Jackson (4.67 ERA) going against crazy-man, Carlos Zambrano (2.83 ERA). Still, you have to like the chances of at least a 3-1 series (~60%), which would pull the Brewers to .500 once again. If the Brewers can steal a win tonight...


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