Friday, August 18, 2006

Payroll vs. Winning Percentage

Guess what team is that dot on the far right. Anyway, assuming all teams keep their same winning % for the rest of the year, let's rank them in terms of how many million per win they spent:

Team            Win%      Payroll  Mil/Win
Florida 0.467 15.0 0.20
Colorado 0.488 41.2 0.52
Tampa Bay 0.397 35.4 0.55
Minnesota 0.583 63.4 0.67
Oakland 0.567 62.2 0.68
Arizon 0.504 59.7 0.73
Cincinnati 0.512 60.9 0.73
Milwaukee 0.471 57.6 0.75
Pittsburgh 0.380 46.7 0.76
Cleveland 0.450 56.0 0.77
Detroit 0.653 82.6 0.78
Toronto 0.537 71.9 0.83
Texas 0.508 68.2 0.83
Kansas City 0.352 47.3 0.83
San Diego 0.496 69.9 0.87
Washington 0.438 63.1 0.89
Baltimore 0.438 72.6 1.02
St. Louis 0.533 88.9 1.03
NY Mets 0.600 101.1 1.04
Chicago Sox 0.600 102.8 1.06
Philadelphia 0.492 88.3 1.11
LA Dodgers 0.529 98.4 1.15
San Francisco 0.479 90.1 1.16
Seattle 0.463 88.0 1.17
Atlanta 0.467 90.2 1.19
Houston 0.479 92.6 1.19
LA Angels 0.516 103.5 1.24
Boston 0.580 120.1 1.28
Chicago Cubs 0.433 94.4 1.35
NY Yankees 0.593 194.7 2.03

The Twins and A's seem to know what they are doing, don't they?


Anonymous southwest brewer said...

Looks like you can have a pretty decent team in the $60-65M range.

Unless the Brewers are willing to buy a large number of wins ($100M+ range), a lot of the success lies with the GM and Scouting Director.

I know nothing about the Brewer scouting director, but I'm happy so far with Melvin. Antanasio doesn't really impress nor disappoint. They just have to keep making smart $$$ decisions like getting Cordero for $5M and dumping a guy that would demand $60+/5years.

There's also that bit of luck, like having healthy pitchers. Maybe some luck and maybe a little bit of all players staying focused and staying in shape; that goes for all players (not just Sheets, who may have been in good enough shape). Though I feel a pitcher making that kind of money shold look like Terrell Owens when he shows up at Spring Training. If people question a guys off-season workout, he probably isn't in very good shape.

One last thing, identifying pitchers like the Twins have done would make any team better. Wow, they really found a couple nice arms.

3:13 AM  
Blogger rluzinski said...

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9:47 AM  
Blogger rluzinski said...

Jack Zduriencik has been the Brewer's scouting director since 2000. He was Hired by Dean Taylor and has done a pretty good job so far. He's had great success with positional players such as Hart, Fielder, Hardy and Weeks. Not so much luck with starting pitchers so far but there's a few ready to bust out, IMO.

Patrick Ebert at does some nice reviews of the Brewer drafts. You can take a look here if you are interested:

As for Sheets, I'd expect him to show up looking like Owens if I thought there was any real value in it. As it is, there's absolutely no reason to believe being chiseled will make a pitcher better. The greatest pitchers ever are far from physical specimens, so I think criticizing Sheets for showing up (allegedly)a few pounds overweight after being injuried is much ado about nothing. It was simply a convenient way for fans to try and justify venting their frustrations on Sheets, IMO.

I'm a lot more optimistic than some about the Brewers in 2007 and beyond. As it often does, it will come down to health and luck.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Southwest Brewer said...

Maybe Terrell Owens is a bit much; when I think of hard-working pitchers, Roger Clemens comes to mind.

He's a very serious athlete, maybe not chiseled, but very dedicated to being the best he can be (on top of his already superior genetic make up).

I'm not expecting all pitchers to have a Roger Clemens career, but having a Roger Clemens work-ethic and focus would make me more than happy.

I read a story a couple months ago about what Roger does to prepare in pre-game during spring training (it was an interview about prior spring trainings). He shows up and busts his ass for a complete workout before taking the mound to prepare himself for the long road to September.

Also, his attention to detail and ability to help young pitchers really is impressive. He explained to one pitcher who was warming up that the young pitcher wasn't getting the most out of his 'playing catch'. He went on to coach the young guy to aim for the left and right shoulder of his catching partner when warming up just to get a little more touch for working the corners.

Ben may not have the mental make up or drive of Clemens (or maybe he does). I just find Clemens and his success to be something that is a result of his constant working out and awareness of what he needs to do every second he's practicing, just to be ready for a 20 year career.

I'll post that link here if I come across the Clemens article.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's that link I mentioned.

2:11 AM  

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