Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two Strike Approach

When Carlos Lee was here, he was always praised for changing his approach at the plate with 2 strikes, especially when there was a runner in scoring position. This probably isn't news to anyone but Geoff Jenkins is not a fan of that philosophy:

ACTA Sports: How well do hitters protect the plate with two strikes?

With Vlad and Cabrera making the cut, Jenkins is actually in some pretty good company, however. Of course, it's not automatically bad for a batter to keep the same approach with two strikes. What really matters is the result of the approach. Batters are putting up a combined .550 OPS with two strikes this year, so the bar isn't exactly set very high.


Blogger brewcrewkid15 said...

It seems like every Brewer up there has a poor approach with two strikes. I think it may be because of their inexperience, but when I'm watching the Nationals/Brewers game and the tying run is on second and he's swinging as hard as he can on 3-2 when a single lengthens the game, it bugs me like crazy! Estrada is one guy that does an O.K. job with it, but that's just because he's up there hacking from the beginning.

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