Friday, January 11, 2008

Brewers Sign Mike Cameron to One year Deal

Is this the final piece to the Brewers first playoff appearance in over 25 years?

Brewers Sign Cameron

The suspension sucks but I'm starting to warm up to this deal. A one year deal at $6.2 mil guaranteed is nothing these days. Cameron's Marcel projection for 2008:


Keep in mind, that projection does not account for Cameron having to play half his games the last two years in a pitcher's park, so that projection should be a tad conservative. At 35 years old, I fear that Cameron's defense might be a tad over rated these days but he should still be above average in CF. Couple that with the move of Hall back to 3B and Braun to LF and the Brewers' defense should be much improved. Is it a sexy move? No. It's simply a short term fix to one of the Brewers' greatest weaknesses of 2007, defense.

What about the 25 game suspension and how it will be handled? Hall and Braun will have to be moved right away, so they can get as much practice in at their new/old positions as possible. I assume Braun will start everyday in LF and Hart will get the majority of the starts in CF, with Gross, Dillon and Gwynn sharing the rest of the outfield load.

Tangotiger seems to think this was a great signing:

"In post 66, I have Cameron very high. I love that guy. Everyone should. Way above average.

Signing him to a 2/15 deal is a steal for the Brewers. Sending Hall to 3B, and moving Braun to LF is exactly what I called for.


The previous post he was referring to said:

"Mike Cameron:

A slightly above average hitter.
An above average fielder

Fielding: From 2006-2007, Dewan has him as +16 runs total. From 2003-mid07, MGL has him as +13 runs per 150 G. The Fans have him as a “76” (CF avg is “60"), which makes him +11 runs. All agree: he’s +1 win.

Dude plays in a killer pitcher’s park. He’s probably +0.5 wins as a hitter (maybe someone can help me out here).

He gets his 0.5 win bonus for being a CF, and loses it for aging.

Add it up, and we get: +1.5 WAA, or +3.5 WAR.

He’s in the same class as Posada and Lowell."

Good enough for me.


There's some nice analysis of this transaction at Skyking162.


Anonymous MB said...

Hey, it's awesome to see that you're still blogging. Believe it or not, your blog was one of the first ones I really discovered a few years back. I've always enjoyed your stuff.

Anyway, looks like you guys got quite the deal with Cameron. Defensively last year he had some problems with some routine plays early in the year, but I'm guessing that was just fluky. FWIW, I think the guy's still a pretty good fielder. Most of the numbers seem to agree.

Good luck with Cam ... I've always liked him as a player.

2:15 AM  
Blogger rluzinski said...

If Cameron can get on base and play good defense, that will be good enough for me. Thanks for reading.

11:27 PM  

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