Monday, April 17, 2006

UZR Explained

In my studies of defensive metrics, UZR was generally described as the most advanced defensive metric that has been created so far. The metric's designer, Mitchel Lichtman (aka MGL), gave a nice interview at Baseball Digest explaining his system in pretty good detail:

UZR and Beyond! An Interview with Mitchel Lichtman

I guess Dewan's recently published book, "The Fielding Bible" has prompted Lichtman to try and get a little publicity for the research he's done on defensive metrics (MGL was not mentioned in Dewan's book, despite the similarities in their systems). If that means more information on UZR, sounds good to me. Maybe he'll even publish a "Best of 2005"...

Check out this post for more information on defensive metrics, including additional information on UZR.


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